Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mystery Blend

Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand - Neil Armstrong
This is my Mystery Blend. It is something I think every cook with the desire to experiment should have. Sometimes the random leads to great results.

What’s in it? I don’t remember, that’s why it’s a mystery. IMG_2821It’s those spice packets that come with products you are gifted. The free samples that show up in the mail, or are handed to you in the supermarket. The leavings in the bottom of plastic jars of suspicious provenance that one inherits when one gets married.

It is constantly changing with new additions. I can recognize the presence of Chilli flakes and fennel seeds. There is a distinct aroma of the components of Curry Powder or Garam Masala. There is something green.

But, it has uses. I made an entire batch of Hot Sauce using Chillis from the garden and Myster Blend as the base. It was quite nice. Then there are nights like tonight – when I realize that I have slacked off making my favorite dry rub for ribs and pork, and I put the Mystery Blend into action. When cooked I will douse them with a Coca Cola based BBQ IMG_2822sauce I made a week or so ago.

I don’t like waste, and I will bet the result is quite tasty!

It was.


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