Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Recipes (Finally)

I have been thinking about this for years: setting up a web site to host my recipe collectionsw_cooking_with_yoda.preview. Just mine, to share as I see fit and without a third party.

Yes, I know. I don’t use recipes for much of my cooking – but I do “clip” and save them. I use them as inspiration. A jumping off point. I may not be able to help you recreate exactly what I prepared on that particular date or in that particular photo, but I can get you headed in the right direction.

Sometimes I do use a recipe, and I am happy to share. If you are a Facebook friend, it’s easy to share from Pepperplate, a web based recipe program I use. If it’s in Pepperplate. If it’s collected elsewhere in one of the many programs I have used over the years I have to jump through some hoops.

So getting it on a web site would just make things easier. What got me started in earnest was that bread demo I did for Slow Food Buffalo Niagara in January. It has taken me 8 weeks to complete. Purchasing a domain, finding a host, designing a page, buying and leaning software to build the page, finding a program to create an html index from multiple files, setting up a new recipe program, etc., etc., etc.

It all took time.

But finally it is working as I want. You can find the whole shebang here.


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